I am Linda Tilling, a newbie here

Hi everyone, my lovely new friend Kelly Lacey has asked me to be a guest blogger for her occasionally so I am just introducing myself. I am a 57 year old who has always loved reading from an early age, and growing up in a small house and sharing a bedroom with 2 other sisters, reading was my quiet time away from from everyone else where I could lie on my bed and disappear into another world. Now that I have retired from Lloyds Bank on ill health grounds (I have MS) I have again found my bed, book and cup of tea to be my retreat and saviour. My reading genres have varied over the years, and I am currently enjoying psychological mystery thrillers, although at this time of year I love Christmas books and on holiday I tend to read what I call Fluffy books (light reading that you can doze off to on a sunlounger). I live in Bristol with my husband and have 2 grown up children who have also inherited my love of reading.